Phanida Thomas               Nicolas Thomas                Nikita Thomas         Lenny Thomas             Nina Thomas

Nicolas Thomas is a Jeweler -Metalsmith established in Thailande since 1981.

Has produced in the 80s and 90s  High end quality Collection for  Famous French Fashion Jewelry  brand names with his first factory established in Nakorn Phatom

with  350 workers. Hundreads thousands of Pieces made by casting then filed and polished

Since 2012  he is working in the North of Thailand in his workshop composed of  12 high

Skill Handmade jewelers making jewelry from Sheets Metal  using Goldsmith

techniques his father thought him. Handmade top quality work-  One of a Kind  High End Quality Ornament in Fine Gold, Laminated gold with Silver,  also made of 925 Sterling Silver ,  or made of Japanese Alloys  such as Mokume-Gane or Shibuishi, or  Korean Kum-Bo and  also can be made of Brass 18K Gold-Plated.Latest collection includes the corrugated line you can see in the "Home"page.

He has  3 children. 2 sons ,Nikita who is also a metalsmith working with him and lenny who is likely to be football goal keeper in future .Nina- Nathalie his daughter is going to  be  a musician.Hi wife Phanida is taking care of the production .........and of their children.

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